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Silver Fox introducing the NEW 25mm width thermal printer ribbon
Friday, Jul 07, 2017
Listen, develop, improve; Silver Fox have recently introduced a 25mm width ribbon which runs with their thermal printer – the Fox-in-a-Box®. This new size has been introduced in response to high demand from our customers.

Silver Fox are proud that customers can print all their thermal solutions using one software, one printer, one ribbon. This new ribbon still provides a hassle free labelling solution.

The benefits of this new ribbon size, when printing the narrower labels, the complete ribbon is utilised, and it is extremely cost effective.

The labels that can be used with the new 25mm width ribbon include:

 Fox-Flo® UV Stable, LS0H Tie-on Cable Labels
 Fox® PVC Tie-on Cable Labels
 Heatshrink Tubing (1 reel only)
 Non-Shrink Tubing (1 reel only)

The simplest labelling solution on the market, tested to the highest specs.

For more information, please visit:

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